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The exclusive control over a specific commodity has been illegal since the 19th century; however, now in the 21st century, large corporations have managed to cheat this regulation and take almost complete control over specific industries, specifically the meat industry. The ability for a small number of corporations to run an entire industry poses great... Continue Reading →

Everything to Know

This post examines an article from the Harvard Health Publications that provides research and thorough information about vegetarians and their lifestyle.

The Corruption Continues

“Millions Against Monsanto” is one of their most recognized slogans. The non-profit organization, Organic Consumers Association fights for health, justice, sustainability, peace, and democracy. Although all of their campaign’s primary goals involve informing and raising money against chemicals and harmful products in food, their Monsanto campaign is most greatly involved with the government. The campaign... Continue Reading →

FDA Approved?

The government issued article written by the FDA attempts to justify the use of hormones and chemicals when used in animal livestock and breeding when intended for eventual food consumption; specifically, the hormones natural estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and their synthetic versions. The article backs its claim of positive use of synthetic hormones by suggesting that... Continue Reading →

Agriculture Defense

The CEO of Monsanto, Hugh Grant, attempts to defend the use of genetically modified crops and pesticides while discussing the future of agriculture during his interview with Here & Now. Grant is interviewed by Jeremy Hobson, who throughout the interview appears unbiased towards the Grants responses. Grant strives to defend his company against the arguments... Continue Reading →

Equal Rights for All Four Legs

        I explored several ideas and concepts while trying to decide on what photo would be ideal and have the ability to clearly represent what my message is trying to convey. I decided on a photo from The Civil Rights Movement. Similar to how many African Americans were treated as less than... Continue Reading →

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