Trump Siding with The Food Industry?

A decent amount of controversy has been circling around the question of who President Donald Trump will elect to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Senate Supreme Court. On February 1st, Nation’s Restaurant News released an article regarding one of Trump’s nominees, Judge Neil Gorsuch. This Nominee would deem very successful in the eyes of the National Restaurant Association, who has recently attempted to challenge the existing laws “that prevent cooks and dishwashers from sharing in tip pools”. This article uses direct quotes from the National Restaurant Association’s executive director, Angelo Amador, which include him describing his deep satisfaction in Gorsuch for the future of the food industry and the “economy in general”. The article demonstrates views of the NRA, and how this nominee, if confirmed, would be a useful source for employers. The writer, Lisa Jennings, goes further to legitimize her article by giving the opinion of an attorney at law, Fisher Phillips, who claims that Gorsuch has a reputation of not only siding with employers, but also for defending the employees. The article gives a good representation of Gorsuch as an unbiased candidate for the job, exemplifying how he has sided with “both unions and employers in various cases”. The article however, proves its legitimacy and justification by bringing to light the democrats probable opposition to the candidate, as Gorsuch would most likely be fairly loose on government regulations. The article spends a decent amount of time discussing the food industry’s positive response to Gorsuch’s nomination, however it also includes arguments from others against him. Confirmation hearings for the spot on the Supreme Court are due to be in late March or April, we will have to wait until then to see if Gorsuch and the food industry won the spot.


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