Equal Rights for All Four Legs

My Edit

        I explored several ideas and concepts while trying to decide on what photo would be ideal and have the ability to clearly represent what my message is trying to convey. I decided on a photo from The Civil Rights Movement. Similar to how many African Americans were treated as less than human, I wanted to convey how animals can sometimes be treated as without emotion or pain. Many animals are slaughtered and killed for their meat in a horrendous manner. I want to bring light to the pain that some slaughter houses inflict on these innocent animals. In this photograph, I altered each of the signs being held up in order to dictate an opinion that the animals would most likely voice if they were capable. In order to do this, I blurred and used the patch tool to hide what was previously written, and to end up with a blank sign. I then used a text box to write animal rights driven statements and attempted to transform and discolor the writing in order for it to appear as part of the actual photograph. In addition, I selected two animals, a pig and a cow, from two separate photos and with the quick selection tool, I moved them on to The Civil Rights photo. I altered the coloring of each animal in order for them to better fit the original photo and transformed them so that their size and scale made sense with the other things surrounding them. I hope that my new photograph can help represent animals and help them get their voice heard.

The Original Photograph


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