Agriculture Defense

The CEO of Monsanto, Hugh Grant, attempts to defend the use of genetically modified crops and pesticides while discussing the future of agriculture during his interview with Here & Now. Grant is interviewed by Jeremy Hobson, who throughout the interview appears unbiased towards the Grants responses. Grant strives to defend his company against the arguments against his companies production of food. His main defense surrounds the fact that there is a rapid population growth accompanied with a higher demand for food. He claims that with the growing population and rapid climate change, there is a priority in the industry to efficiently increase the rate of food production. He explains that there is a misconstrued idea regarding science and its new uses in food production; he emphasizes the benefits that it can have on food production in a time where many natural resources are diminishing.

In the second part of the interview, Grant is asked to discuss other controversies regarding his food production methods. Grant explains the use of some pesticides that some consider could be linked with cancer. Although he is not able to provide any factual proof that disproves that the pesticides are not linked to any disease, he attempts to refute the accusations by claiming that there is no research that provides that the pesticides are indeed harmful.

The interview allows Grant to defend the accusations against the safety of his company while allowing him to explain many misunderstood ideas. With his long history in the agriculture industry, Grant seems capable of providing intellectual conclusions regarding the future of it; however, his business involvement in the industry gives the possibility that he would be more careful about what the public knows.


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