FDA Approved?

The government issued article written by the FDA attempts to justify the use of hormones and chemicals when used in animal livestock and breeding when intended for eventual food consumption; specifically, the hormones natural estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and their synthetic versions. The article backs its claim of positive use of synthetic hormones by suggesting that drugs have been approved for an animals growth rate beginning over 100 years ago. Although the article provides a variety of information regarding steroid hormones in regard to animals, it fails to display any arguments from other points of view, and therefore appears one sided and biased. In addition, the data and reports that the FDA appears to have taken regarding the animals safety and the safety of people who eat the food seems transparent and weak in its argument with its lack of examples and concrete data. The reports of animals treated with these scientific hormones are not extensively explained in this data report and therefore could largely be excluding information that may bring disapproval to the reader. Although the writer is clearly striving to explain and justify the use of scientific hormones for animal growth, he or she is not given credit in the report, nor is any other scientist or government official who took part in this research. The lack of credibility given to any source weakens the articles legitimacy with nobody willing to be named and associated with such facts that they appear to be advocating for. However, the report does offer a series of additional governmental reports and documents that appear to add credibility and truth to the information given.





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