The Corruption Continues

“Millions Against Monsanto” is one of their most recognized slogans. The non-profit organization, Organic Consumers Association fights for health, justice, sustainability, peace, and democracy. Although all of their campaign’s primary goals involve informing and raising money against chemicals and harmful products in food, their Monsanto campaign is most greatly involved with the government. The campaign essay quotes an EPA toxicologist, Marion Copley, who claims that her colleague and the large company, Monsanto, buried scientific evidence proving that some of their products did indeed cause cancer. Although now deceased, Copley did not want her nor the other hundreds of people who have allegedly been diagnosed with cancer after having been exposed to Round up, to go unheard. Round up is one of Monsanto’s flagship products that which they claim has no scientific harming effects, however this non profit organization compares the chemical to DDT and Agent Orange, other extremely toxic products that eventually came to light, but not until many people and farms had been seriously harmed by them. This example demonstrates the importance to not wait before making a change. This Essay Article singles out two primary government agencies, EPA and USDA, who have been using their power to manipulate the regulatory process of chemicals used in food products. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research and Special Rapporteur are both mentioned as to agreeing that Round up is most likely a carcinogen to humans and most likely being covered up by big businesses, such as Monsanto. Katherine Paul, associate director of the non-profit, names herself as the writer of the Essay proving her trust and reliance in all of the information written. The non-profit organization hopes to gather others to investigate the truth for themselves about Monsanto and the EPA and the harm that they have and will continue to bring to others if not put to a stop.


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