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The Harvard Health Publications report provides an informative article about vegetarianism from an un-biased point of view. The Harvard Medical article offers a different insight on vegetarians by exploring several different aspects of the lifestyle; in examining other research on the topic, it was difficult to find information that explored this great a variety of opinions and research. The publication goes into several reasonings that people may consider when choosing a meat-free lifestyle, offering different ideas than just the typical few. The article discusses health in great depth and touches on how culture can come into play.

Different non-profits and researchers findings are discussed which aids to provide a clear and accurate understanding of how vegetarianism has grown throughout the United States. The publication focuses on the health research and reports that have recently been conducted. Although the studies provide some insight regarding the health benefits of choosing to be a vegetarian, the evidence is minimal and clearly still in progress. The research conducted goes into specific diseases and gives numerical examples while offering ideas of how other factors can come into play with different cancers and illnesses involved with cutting out meat from ones diet. Furthermore, I was able to gain a better understanding of the common nutritional deficiencies that many experience from the lifestyle. However, not only does the article mention the possible negative affects of vegetarianism, but it provides possible products that could aid in limiting the insufficiency of some nutrients that one may experience. I was impressed with the wide range of information given and thorough explanation of background information needed to understand all of the data provided.


Original Article: http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/becoming-a-vegetarian


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