Trump Siding with The Food Industry?

A decent amount of controversy has been circling around the question of who President Donald Trump will elect to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Senate Supreme Court. On February 1st, Nation's Restaurant News released an article regarding one of Trump’s nominees, Judge Neil Gorsuch. This Nominee would deem very successful in the eyes... Continue Reading →


Land of The Free? – SMELL test

Controversy and protests began immediately as Donald Trump was appointed president elect. Why was this? People were scared. Scared of the changes and things he claimed he would do as President of The United States. On January 29, 2017 President Donald Trump, just days after his inauguration, implemented a controversial executive order; his travel ban... Continue Reading →

My 24 Blackout

24 hours? “I can go without technology for 24 hours, no problem”, this is what I told myself prior to my technology blackout, in which I did not use any type of electronic device for an entire day. I soon realized after a few hours into this adventure of the great impact that these media... Continue Reading →

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